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the wiring diagram for the rb25det (click here)

the wiring diagram for the rb20/26det 1 (click here)

the wiring diagram for the rb20/26det 2 (click here)

the wiring diagram for the rb20/26det 3 (click here)

the wiring diagram for the rb20/26det 4 (click here)

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a list of the RB engines (click here)

  • Timing Belt:-
    13028-20P25 8/93 to 2/98
    13028-5L327 2/98 onwards


  • power steering belt
    for rb20 4pk945


  • Water Pump:-
    21010-21U25 All
    rb30 water pump fits rb20 as well


  • Thermostat:-
    21200-42L05 All (76.5C)
    rb30 themostat (thermostat runs cooler) not sure rb25
    These part numbers are from Nissan Australia's "Fast Moving Catalogue".
  • Brakes
    for the four spot calipers are the same as the 200sx. Bendix ultimates are one make for the non turbo cars nissan have or can get the parts not sure .
  • oil filter
    same as rb30 engine
  • automatic transmission fluid
    nissan "matic D" or use the castrol synthetic auto fluid "nb: must be very good fluid"
  • spark plugs
    unsure of number but same as r32 gtr. gap 0.8 mm platinum are recommended but if you are running rich save your money and put copper ngk's in.
  • Stock GT-R are PFR6A-11
    hotter - PFR5A-11
    Cooler - PFR7A-11

  • coil Packs
    these are the numbers on the ones from an rb20
    22433 60u02 mcp-300124 check that yours are the ame as there are a couple of types floating around
  • 02 sensors
    They are the same as ford ef-el one just cut off the plug and fit the nissan plug about a third of the price.
  • Injector upgrades
    This is for an rb 20 they have high impedance injectors 550cc from series 5 rx7 with 13b turbopart number they are denso 195500-1370
    for gtr with low impedance injectors series 4 rx7 13b turbo
    or gtr injectors which are low impedence you fit a resistor to them to raise impedance for an rb20.
    Mazda 13b injectors are 550cc purple top 2 ohms series 4 part no ends in 1370, pink top 13.8 ohms series 5, you can run
    either injectors in a GTR, 2 ohms leave the resistor box in, 13.8 ohms leave the resistor box out. They both fir in the
    standard fuel rails. I have an R33 GTR and have used both of these injectors in it and they both work fine, I had to
    rewrite my chip with a rom editor and I am also running a R32 GTR ecu which the chip can be rewritten the same as an R32
    GTST. Series 6 injectors are 13.8 ohm side entry 550 primary and 700 secondaries and will fit an R33 GTST but they are
    pricey second hand if you can find them.

  • Head torque settings
    These are the specs I used on my own last rebuild as supplied by Hytech engines
    Head is torqued down in 5 stages.
    1. 22ftlbs
    2. 72ftlbs
    3. slacken off
    4. 22ftlbs
    5. 75ftlbs or 90o

  • Engine torque setting

    Main bearing torque 40ft/lbs
    Big end bearings..... also 40ft/lbs

  • Z32 afm pinouts

    Z32 MAF E - Battery Source (via EFI relay)
    B - Output Voltage (pin31)
    A - Variable Resistor (pin30)
    D - Ground (pin26)
    F - Self Cleaning (pin12)
    C - Ground (direct)

    Z32 air flow side
    A -> connection it is
    B -> incoming air signal red
    C -> power source not grounding & not connecting, yes
    D -> signal ground green
    E -> power source blue
    The F -> connection it is

    wiring for Z32 Maf into GTS-T [ Post #8 ]
    Z32 terminals are lettered A Thru to F, total of six terminals of which 5 are used on the Z32 and 4 on the GTS-t.
    Working from A upwards as follows:
    A: do not use
    B: connect to Black wire on GTS-T MAF loom
    C: connect to black/silver
    D: connect to white
    E: connect to black with white tracer
    F: do not use.

    The Japanese date mystery.
    If you r like me and look at sites in Japanese you will see dates that don't make sense
    like S63 or H10 these relate to the Japanese calander using the emperors reign to
    specify dates. the first one relevant is Emperor Showa who reign was from 1925 till 1988 the dates are shown S 63 for 1988 S53 for 1978 so you under stand the next emperor is Heisei so the calander looks like this. S63 = 1988 If I'm wrong please correct me by mailing me. I will fix it up.
    H1 = 1989
    H2 = 1990
    H3 = 1991
    H4 = 1992
    H5 = 1993
    H6 = 1994
    H7 = 1995
    H8 = 1996
    H9 = 1997
    H10 = 1998
    H11 = 1999
    H12 = 2000
    H13 = 2001
    H14 = 2002
    H15 = 2003

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